MOID: Ending the issue of the displaced is our priorities

  • 10-12-2020, 13:31
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Ivan Faiq Jabro, confirmed that one of the ministry's priorities is to end the issue of the displaced, restore stability and close all camps.

    A statement issued by the Ministry of Immigration media received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that "the Minister of Immigration discussed with the Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel-Shaheed, in Cairo, mechanisms for joint cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of dealing with the files of migrants and migrants."

    "The ministry is looking forward to benefiting from the successful Egyptian experience in dealing with immigrants, and it sets among its priorities, according to what is stated in the government program, to end the file of the displaced, restore stability and close all camps," Gabro emphasized.

    She indicated that "the ministry is determined to achieve joint bilateral cooperation to exchange experiences with the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration, especially because of its successes in the file of immigrants, and to develop a special strategy to benefit from immigrant minds in the national projects that the Egyptian state is working on at that stage."

    For her part, Ambassador Makram confirmed that the Egyptian Ministry of Displaced Persons seeks to exchange experiences with the Iraqi side in linking migrants to the homeland, joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of migration and migrants, exchanging experiences in the field of migrant care and linking them to development, and explaining the mechanisms and programs of work activated in this context.