Salih asserts the International Solidarity to reduce regional tensions

  • 9-12-2020, 15:56
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    INA – Baghdad

    President Barham Salih received the credentials of a number of the newly appointed ambassadors to Iraq that included Denmark's ambassador Stig Paolo Pires, Tunisia's ambassador Reda Zaqedan and Belarus’ ambassador Victor Rybak.

    During the meeting, which have been held with the Ambassadors separately, Salih asserted that Iraq builds the relations on a fundamental principle depending on the necessity of international solidarity in confronting the different international challenges, strengthening the relations with the international community on the basis of cooperation and coordination across all fields, and achieving the common interests of peoples and countries.

    Regional cooperation is a priority while interference in the internal affairs of others and any act of aggression against any state, must be rejected.

    Salih explained that dialogue is important and work towards increasing opportunities for development and prosperity to reinforce peaceful coexistence in the region and preventing terrorists from undermining stability and security.

    The Ambassadors thanked the President, and expressed their countries' earnest desire to further develop ties with Iraq at every level.