West Nineveh Operations: We will not allow the presence of any armed forces in Sinjar

  • 6-12-2020, 12:35
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    Baghdad - INA - Amna Al-Salami

    Nineveh Operations Command identified today, Sunday, the security forces responsible for protecting Sinjar district.

    The commander of western Nineveh operations, Major General Jabbar Al-Taie, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Based on the agreement signed by the federal government with the Kurdistan region, the protection of Sinjar district is currently the responsibility of the army, local police and security forces in coordination with the intelligence service only.”

    He stressed, "No other security forces, armed or unarmed, are not allowed to be present or act in the security situation inside the district."

    The Joint Operations Command announced the beginning of West Nineveh Operations to implement a plan to reopen the security forces in the Sinjar district center, as it included a redistribution of duties and responsibilities to achieve security and stability and create an environment and a suitable climate for the return of the displaced.

    While the Nineveh Governorate confirmed that the government is serious about stabilizing and security in Sinjar, to begin the operations of restoring services and reconstruction, explaining that the 2021 budget included the reconstruction of the right side of the city of Mosul.