Cabinet postpones the session devoted to discuss the next year budget

  • 1-12-2020, 15:05
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    Baghdad - INA


     The spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, announced today, Tuesday, the postponement of the session devoted to discussing the draft budget of 2021 until next Saturday, while noting that the cabinet approved the recommendations of the working group on completing the data of state employees.


    Nadhim said in a press conference attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The Council of Ministers held its regular session chaired by the Chairman of the Council, Mustafa Al-Kadhmi, and discussed a number of matters, and with regard to the budget, the session assigned to it was postponed until next Saturday, so the meeting went on with a regular session." 

     He added, "Al-Kadhmi directed the ministers to mobilize all available capabilities and serve the people of Dhi Qar Governorate, to achieve legitimate demands regarding basic services in the governorate in terms of service, health, industrial and agricultural aspects."

     Nazem added, "Al-Kadhmi addressed the ongoing preparations for the success of the upcoming elections, and the government is still holding it on the sixth of next June, and Al-Kadhmi called for a special session to address the problems that fall within the programs of the Ministry of Electricity to evaluate its work and performance."

     And that "the Prime Minister has instructed the Ministry of Oil to find an alternative solution to the issue of imported gas, and we have a problem in this sector with waste gas estimated at billions of dollars."

    Nadhim also stated, "Al-Kadhimi noted the ongoing dialogues to solve the salary problem, but the point that was raised in the council related to the humanitarian aspect, and the Prime Minister called for this issue to be removed from political conflicts and to focus on the human side in it, that is, laws and conflicts within Parliament should not be touched."  The people's income and these salaries mean the daily living for citizens. "

     The Minister of Culture said, "The brief we listened to from the Minister of Health about all the efforts of the ministry and the state in the face of the Corona pandemic, and the minister emphasized that the rate of recovery is on the rise and reached 87%, and this result and the rate reduced the fatality rate to 2.2% and this is a good indication of our conditions in  Iraq and you know the extent of citizens' lack of commitment to health procedures, and this is a result of expanding clinical capacity, providing treatments, and improving health sector services.

     Nadhim added, "It has also been confirmed that the necessary funding will be provided to purchase vaccines as soon as the World Health Organization recognizes the effectiveness of these vaccines, and there have been discussions about contracting with companies producing vaccines on terms, the most important of which are two conditions, the first of which is that Iraqis seek to provide global reliability for these vaccines and also provide logistical services.  To transfer the vaccine. "