Anbar Governor: IDPs camps are fully secured

  • 29-11-2020, 15:05
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     Baghdad - INA

     The governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan al-Dulaimi, confirmed today, Sunday, that the camps for the displaced are fully secured since the beginning of the displacement, indicating that the province is witnessing a daily return of the displaced, revealing that there is a plan to return the displaced to their areas by the end of this year.

    Al-Dulaimi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The displacement camps are fully secured since the beginning of the displacement," stressing that "there is no security breach in this regard."

    He added, "The governorate included more than 1,400 displaced families, as more than 300 families were returned," noting that "the returns are taking place daily or from day to day."

    He pointed out that "there is a plan to return the largest part of the displaced during the end of this year," noting that "the return of the displaced is taking place in a normal way, and the government or any international organization does not interfere with their return."