Al-khrryt...a Sumerian dessert which is still in demand despite its high price

Culture and art
  • 29-11-2020, 14:46
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    Maysan- INA

    This dessert dates back 4000 years and is still made in the same way as it is extracted from the papyrus plant in the marshes, and it is called khrryt due to the method of its manufacture that relies on extracting the yellow substance that resembles flour, for the purpose of isolating it and collecting it in pots, to be placed under the sun to dry, then it is done The process of separating the yellow powdery substance from other materials, by filtering it with a piece of cloth, and then the filtered material is taken and placed in a pot of water and left to boil, and after the evaporation of the water it is left to cool and cut into cubes.

    Al-Majar Al-Kabeer district in Maysan governorate is its main market, as Al-khrrytis very useful, as it is used as a treatment for colon and stomach diseases for the elderly, and it is very beneficial to human health and treats diseases of the bronchi and larynx, chest, breathing and lung diseases, and helps to clean the urinary tract as well as beekeepers use it if the hives are weak. It is also included in many pharmaceutical industries, and in the 1990s the production of al-khrrytdecreased due to the draining of the marshes and its production returned after the marshes were flooded again, and its prices ranged between 40-50 dollars per kilogram.