JOC: The quadripartite center has achieved success in capturing ISIS leaders and thwarting terrorist operations

  • 29-11-2020, 13:56
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad Talbi

    The joint operations command emphasized today, Sunday, the importance of the quadripartite security center in exchanging intelligence information on the movements of terrorist organizations and uniting work to eliminate them.

    The spokesman for the joint operations, Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The quadruple security center between Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, located in the Ministry of Defense under the command of a high-ranking officer in the ministry, is very important in the process of exchanging intelligence information on terrorist movements and eliminating them."

    He added, "The security center includes Syrian, Iranian and Russian officers in addition to Iraqi officers, and that it has achieved successful operations in arresting terrorists and thwarting terrorist operations before they are carried out."