Counter-terrorism arrests a leader of Daesh in coordination with the Asayish

  • 23-11-2020, 16:32
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    INA - Baghdad

    Counter-Terrorism arrested a leader of Daesh terrorist gangs (W.F.), on Monday in cooperation with the Asayish of Sulaymaniyah, north of Iraq.

    “The operation was made based on accurate information and solid follow-up and in a joint coordination with the Asayish,” the spokesman of the Commander in Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces, Yehya Rasool said in a statement that Iraqi News Agency – INA received.

    W.F. has a leading position in Daesh terrorist gangs, according to the statement.

    "The Counter-Terrorism will announce stronger strikes that breaks Daesh gangs, which will warm the hearts of the Iraqi people in the coming days," included Rasool in the statement