Lt. Gen Al-Battat: We are ready to secure the elections

  • 20-11-2020, 12:39
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     Photo by Safaa Alwan


     Federal Police Commander Lt. Gen. Jaafar Al-Battat confirmed the readiness of his forces to secure the elections, indicating that there is a plan to raise a portion of the checkpoints in cooperation with Baghdad Operations Command.

     Al-Battat said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The situation today in Baghdad is better after the Prime Minister’s decision to open the Al-Jumhuriya Bridge, and now the traffic jam is well confined, and there is seriousness to make all efforts to restore normal movement to Baghdad," indicating  "The Federal Police participated in cleaning Tahrir Square in cooperation with the demonstrators who contributed to the process of cleaning the square and raising the tents and now the demonstrations are present daily and are fully secured and there has been no accident or chaos during this period since the road was opened until now."  Demonstration is a legitimate right and is guaranteed by the constitution, and everyone is with democratic protest, but it is not possible to allow the state to lose the prestige of some infiltrators, and this has a real impact on the peacefulness of demonstrations.