Sheikh Al-Khazali: Iraq pursues a policy of balance in its relations

  • 4-12-2023, 21:30
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    The Secretary-General of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq movement, Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali, confirmed on Monday, that Iraq is pursuing a policy of balance in its relations with the regional and international environment.

    “Sheikh Al-Khazali confirmed, during his meeting with the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Ali Ridha Kony, in his office in Baghdad, the Iraqi government’s readiness to assume its constitutional responsibilities by preventing the use of Iraqi lands as a starting point for threatening neighboring countries or launching attacks on them. Iraq is pursuing a policy of balance in its relations with its regional and international surroundings to ensure its stability and achieve the aspirations of its people," stated Sheikh Al-Khazali’s media office in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.
    He stressed "the importance of strengthening bilateral relations in managing all joint files, especially in the economic fields, according to a realistic vision, away from any interference from other parties, calling on Ankara to seriously and quickly reconsider Iraq's water share and respect international agreements and covenants in this regard."

    In turn, Turkish ambassador expressed his “thanks for Sheikh Al-Khazali’s interest in consolidating Iraqi-Turkish relations according to visions that achieve the interests of both countries."