EU: Efforts to meet Iraqi requests to extradite wanted persons in Europe

  • 3-12-2023, 21:23
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    The European Union mission in Iraq confirmed today, Sunday, the implementation of a cooperation mechanism with Iraq to fight corruption across two directions, while revealing efforts to extradite wanted Iraqi defendants to their country through official communication between the Iraqi government and its counterparts in European countries.
    The head of the mission, Ambassador Thomas Seiler, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “There is a cooperation mechanism with Iraq to fight corruption through two directions: the first is communication with the Prime Minister and some ministers to talk about the war on corruption, the results achieved, and future steps to reduce corruption, while the direction includes. the second is to communicate with international bodies working in Iraq, such as the United Nations, to support Iraq with human and technical expertise, especially related to the European experience in fighting corruption.”
    Regarding the extradition of wanted Iraqis who are in Europe, Seiler stressed, “In this regard, we are striving to achieve the desired goals, especially since the issue of extraditing wanted persons is not only related to Iraq, but there are other countries.”
    He pointed out that "there is communication between the Iraqi state and European governments to extradite wanted persons."