PM Chairs a Meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security

  • 29-11-2023, 21:52
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    Prime Minister,   Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani presided over a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security, attended by its members.
    During the meeting, discussions revolved around the security situation in the country. The focus was on the security forces' efforts to establish stability by countering terrorism and pursuing organized crime gangs. The agenda also covered various files and topics.
    Discussions in the meeting included the job grades assigned to the security and intelligence services within the Federal Service Council. The deliberations extended to the skills tests conducted for applicants seeking to fill the remaining job grades, aiming to enhance the capabilities of the respective agencies.
    The Council addressed the procedures outlined in Diwani Order Committee No. (22220) of (2022), focusing on the examination conducted by the committee established according to the aforementioned Diwani Order. The discussion emphasized the establishment of a permanent and central committee to address challenges and obstacles related to residency affairs between the Ministries of Interior in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.
    The meeting underscored the significance of coordinating military convoy movements through issued correspondences from the Joint Operations Command, with checkpoints actively monitoring and ensuring adherence to these directives.
    The meeting addressed ongoing preparations for the provincial council elections on December 18. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces directed legal action against anyone exploiting state resources to influence voter choices. Efforts were emphasized to prevent blackmail, investigate reports of attempts to exploit the social protection network welfare program in the voter card distribution, and hold those involved accountable.
    The Council discussed a number of other topics on the agenda and took the necessary decisions regarding them.
    Major General Special Forces
    Yehia Rasool
    The Spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces