Al-Mandalawi: Iraq supports the Palestinian people and stands up to the policies of procrastination of the first Arab issue

  • 29-11-2023, 15:14
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    Baghdad – INA 

    The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi confirmed on, Wednesday, Iraq's support for the Palestinian people and its stand against the policies of procrastination of the first Arab issue.

    "On the International Day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, we reaffirm the need for urgent international Arab-Islamic action to stop the crimes of genocide committed by  Israeli occupation against the people of Palestine and under the full view of all countries and major humanitarian organizations, there is no peace and stability with the presence of a strange rapist entity in the body of this nation, killing children, women and the elderly and brutally bombing hospitals, homes, schools and official civilian institutions” said al-Mandalawi in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA ).

    He added “on this day, we affirm Iraq's support to the Palestinian people and stand against any policies to justify the first Arab issue, which is the right of the Palestinians to a secure and sovereign state on their entire territory”, pointing out that "the continuation of organized genocide crimes will remain a stain on the forehead of all humanity, the most heinous is Sufficiency condemn and disapproval and not take a firm position on everything that is happening”.