The Presidency issues a clarification on arresting an officer claimes affiliation with the presidency’s protection brigades

  • 29-11-2023, 13:47
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    Military adviser to the President of the Republic issued on Wednesday, an official clarification regarding the arrest of an officer claiming to be affiliated with the protection of the presidency.
    A statement by the military adviser to the president received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) said that "news websites and some social media platforms circulated news about the arrest of an officer and claiming his affiliation to the second presidential brigade tasked with protecting the presidency."
    He absolutely denied "what was reported about the affiliation of the so-called (Mohamed Mustafa) to the presidential brigades," stressing that "there is no officer with this name in the two brigades."
    He added that "the so called was carrying false identities, and has already been referred to the competent authorities and legal measures have been taken against him, and the video published dates back to a previous period and is not new," expressing his surprise "from the affixing of the name of this person to one of the two brigades of the presidency of the Republic."
    He stressed "the need to verify the authenticity of news from reliable sources before publication, and to adhere to professional standards and investigate credibility in reporting news."