FM Hussein: Reopening embassies of several countries in Baghdad

  • 28-01-2023, 20:08
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    Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein confirmed on Saturday, that the coming period will witness opening embassies of several countries in Baghdad.

    "The opening of the Moroccan embassy in Baghdad is the first step to expand the relationship between the two countries," said Hussein in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He pointed out that "economic relations were non-existent during the previous period, and there was no Moroccan embassy in Baghdad, but with the presence of the embassy and building other mechanisms we talked about with the Moroccan foreign minister, the relations between the two countries will be qualitative and developed in the near future."

    "There is no agreement currently on signing trade agreements, but in the near future there will be a set of agreements and memorandums of understanding in addition to a review of previous agreements between the two countries," he added, noting that "the economic and political situation in Iraq and also in Morocco needs to be reviewed in these agreements, in order for the work to be according to new objective conditions."

    Hussein highlighted, saying that "Morocco is a gateway for Iraq to enter the African continent. As a result of previous circumstances, Iraq was isolated from many countries. Entering Morocco is important because the Kingdom plays an important role, especially in the economic aspect of the African continent."

    "There is a tendency and work to open other non-Moroccan embassies in Iraq during the coming period," he included.