Al-Sudani Meets with a Group of French Business Leaders in Paris

  • 27-01-2023, 20:06
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    The Prime Minister, Muhammad S. Al-Sudani, confirmed today, Friday, that the entry of French companies into Iraq for investment would be a right decision.

    On the sidelines of his official visit to France, Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani met today with a group of French business leaders and representatives of major French companies.

    His Excellency's remarks during the meeting:

    Our visit to France demonstrates the strength of the bilateral relationship, which has led to a strategic partnership between the two countries.

    The Strategic Partnership Agreement represents a framework for cooperation in all fields.

    It will be the right decision for French companies to enter Iraq for investment.

    Our visits to France and the countries of the world are not ceremonial activities but rather deliberate visits aimed at achieving productive economic partnerships.

    In the energy sector, the government prioritizes investment in associated gas and renewable energy and other investment opportunities in the petrochemical, transportation, and iron and steel sectors.

    The Iraqi government has been working since day one to improve Iraq's business environment, bring about structural reform in the economy and financial sectors, and combat corruption.

    Securing the work of foreign companies in Iraq is the government's primary and firm commitment.