Hussein: The government has a vision to end the presence of terrorist groups

  • 21-01-2023, 14:48
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    Baghdad - INA

    Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein confirmed today, Saturday, that the government is working on a vision to end the presence of terrorist groups.

    A statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein participated in a panel discussion entitled "The Middle East, Convergence Point or Battlefield?" on the sidelines of the Davos conference in Switzerland, in the presence of both the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Prince Faisal bin Farhan, Dutch Minister of Defense Casey Olenkren, Jordanian Minister of Finance Muhammad Al-Asis, and the United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Krondberk.

    During his speech, Hussein indicated that "Iraq, since 2003, has followed the path of democracy to deal with the internal situation of the country, and the link between internal and regional politics in confronting the region's tensions," pointing out that "Iraq's current status is qualitative, because of its good relations with many countries." The world, investing these relations to play an important and essential role, pointing to the turning points in foreign policy, as its outcome was the "Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership", in its first editions in Baghdad and the second in Amman.

    The minister stressed that "security inside Iraq affects regional security, and the matter is inversely related as well," pointing out: "the need for regional security by using the language of dialogue to ease tensions." 

    He added that "Iraq is against any kind of war," pointing out that "there are some problems with Turkey and Iran regarding the issue of the attacks that have affected Iraqi lands, under the pretext of the presence of some armed organizations that threaten the security of the regions of neighboring countries."

    And he indicated that "the Iraqi government has put on the dialogue table the common security challenge between Baghdad, Tehran and Ankara regarding these groups and organizations, and the preparation for a vision on how to end their presence, in light of the commitment to the Iraqi constitution," stressing; That "the language of dialogue is the only solution to the problems that must be solved from within the neighboring countries themselves, and some of them by the Iraqi government."

    Hussein called for "achieving this through intensive dialogues and in a participatory manner," noting that "there are some threats and challenges from the survival of the camps in Syria, especially the areas near the Iraqi borders in which ISIS terrorist groups are active, which is a source of concern for the Iraqi government."