4 important aspects for Iraq in Paris Climate Agreement: Environment Ministry reveals

  • 4-12-2022, 13:46
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    INA-  Baghdad

    Ministry of Environment revealed Sunday, 4 important aspects for Iraq in the Paris Climate Agreement, while pointing to the establishment of a special fund for losses and damage related to pollution caused by carbon emissions.
    The Director General of Technical Affairs at the Ministry of Environment, Issa Al-Fayyadh, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signed in 2015 is related to water, agriculture, industry and electricity, and its aim is to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, which is the cause of global warming and high temperatures," noting that "the world is heading towards reducing emissions in the atmosphere to maintain temperature."
    He added that "Iraq is not a cause of climate change, but is affected by emissions and global warming," noting that "the main cause of climate change are developed countries."
    He added that "developing countries are the most affected by climate pollution, including Iraq, and according to the agreement, developed countries must support the affected ones, especially in the field of water and marshes," pointing out that "Iraq has established a special fund for losses and damages in accordance with the Paris Agreement."
    He also pointed out that "the Paris Agreement has aspects of capacity building, and Iraq nominated a person from the Ministry of Environment who will be a point of association for building the capacity of the Arab world in combating climate change," adding that "Iraq is the fifth country among the most fragile countries in the world from climate change."