Al-Kadhimi’s office issues a statement regarding misleading information intended to blackmail the government

  • 3-10-2022, 11:03
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    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi media office issued Monday, a statement regarding "misleading information whose purpose is to blackmail the government and mislead public opinion, while noting that the procedures for disbursing the amounts of the Emergency Support Law are carried out in accordance with legal procedures and in transparent way."

    Al-Kadhimi’s  media office stated that “One of MPs published on his social media page false information misleading the public about the Prime Minister's Office expenditures from the amount allocated by the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development (Law No. 2 of 2022); This matter must be clarified and the ambiguities presented by the Representative who violated the limits of his legal duties and obligations, is to be noted, as follows:
    1- The sums included in the "Emergency Support Law" were voted on by the Council of Representatives and were subject to discussion and monitoring by the members of the Council of Representatives, including the Representative above. He should have raised his objection according to the law to those amounts; As for the Council of Ministers, its legal responsibility is to allocate these amounts to the eligible agencies according to the legal procedures, which is what happened.
    2- The "Emergency Support Law" included allocating 400 billion Iraqi dinars to the security and military agencies, and from this amount, an amount was allocated to the Office of the Prime Minister - the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, only half of that amount which is 35 billion Iraqi dinars is to be spent during this government' period to the security agencies attached to the office of the Prime Minister - Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, in specific budget categories and certain areas, and not, as the Representative claimed, that it is for furniture for the Prime Minister's office.
    3- The amount above - as stipulated in the "Emergency Support Law"- includes all departments affiliated with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and many other vital areas followed up by the government, including compensation for the injured and security support, as well as securing the requirements and expenses of the special squad, which is concerned with securing and protecting the state departments, the Green Zone, and others.
    4- The allocation procedures are carried out following the legal guidelines and standards, and with all transparency, after being properly prepared by the Ministry of Finance.
    5- Until this moment, the amount mentioned above has not been received pending the completion of the official procedures of the Ministry of Finance and obtaining its approval.

    The statement added ,"While we affirm the respect and appreciation of the legislative authority and Parliament Representatives, it is deplorable to see a lack of understanding of the limits of the legislative role according to the law by some Representatives, who have transformed social media websites into theaters for political wrangling and platforms for disseminating false and misleading documents, in the hope of gaining undeserved sympathy, and this does not befit the task for which they were elected in the Parliament."

     “Accordingly, the Prime Minister's Office will prosecute the violating Parliament Representative according to the law” the statement continued.