Coordination Framework renews readiness to go to early elections

  • 26-09-2022, 21:44
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    Coordination Framework renewed it's readiness to go to early elections after completing its preliminaries.

    The regular meeting was held on Monday, and the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq and the benefits of the next stage were discussed, according to a statement by the Coordination Framework received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    The statement highlighted welcoming the parliament's call to hold a session that restores life to the constitutional institutions in the country renewing "its readiness to go to early elections after completing its preliminaries from a government with full powers, approving a federal budget, amending the election law and organizing the Independent High Electoral Commission."

    The Coordination Framework called for "the Kurdish blocs to resolve their candidate for the presidency," welcoming "the participation of all national parties, especially the Sadrist movement, in the dialogues to the formation of the government and the administration of the state."

    The statement included an affirmation of keenness "to complete building the state with an independent national will," rejecting "attempts of pressures and foreign interference by any party."