'Resolving the Parliament' became a public demand, says Sayyed Al Sadr

  • 6-08-2022, 21:19
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    Leader of the Sadrist movement, Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr confirmed on Saturday, that the resolving the Parliament has become a public and political demand as no alternative is ahead.

    “By the grace of God and the efforts of the heroic sit-ins, positive responses came regarding 'dissolving the Parliament' as public, clan, academics, civil society institutions, preachers of the Husseini platforms and even from some scholars of the honorable seminary, in addition to some Kurdish, Sunni and even Shiite political leaders responses," said Sayyed Al-Sadr in a tweet followed up by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He highlighted, saying "After I thank them, I invite them to take a serious stand to save Iraq from the tusks of corruption and dependency to correct the course of the political process that harmed the people and the country."

    "Iraq needs actions, not words."

    Sayyed Al-Sadr pointed out that "the people yearn for real reform that will save them from the suffering they are experiencing, for which patience is no longer commendable, and let everyone know that the revolutionaries will continue until the demands are achieved and will not give up at all. It's their last and only chance. I am with you O the people who refuse the oppression, just like Imam Hussein.”

    "Yes, 'dissolving the Parliament' has become a popular, political and elitist demand that has no alternative. All the corrupt mouths should be silenced wherever they are," he included.