National Forces Alliance announces the next "transitional phase “ends with new elections

  • 24-06-2022, 23:04
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    National Forces Alliance announced on Friday a political initiative to manage the next phase.

    The National Forces Alliance said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Iraqi reality is very complex and dangerous.”

    The statement pointed out that “the next phase is transitional, ends with new elections, the duration for the participating and non-participating political forces in the government, in order to ensure the unity of the national ranks and the basic tasks of the upcoming government; The transitional phase that ends with new elections, to restore the street’s confidence in the political system, to ensure qualitative achievements regarding files of corruption, security, services, or sovereignty, and to declare principles reassuring and internally and externally by the government-forming forces, for important and thorny issues, and as support for the government."

    The State Forces Alliance noted the specifications of the leadership of government, which are “the scientific and political qualification associated with expertise, competence, integrity, practical experience and leadership that represents a state of reassurance for the participating and non-participating political forces in the government and national impartiality on the basis of impartiality, political balance and regional and international acceptability, to ensure a supportive environment and environment and non-governmental performance,” biased to any political party, with written pledges and commitment to a political reference to the government that determines public policy and strategic issues."