Chinese Ambassador: Our cooperation with Iraq focuses on three axes

  • 22-06-2022, 13:32
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    Chinese Ambassador to Iraq Cui Wei announced Wednesday that his country will help Iraq to increase its capacity in the field of development, while noting that cooperation between the two countries focuses on three axes.

     Cui Wei said, during a meeting held on the Zoom platform, and attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Chinese government respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Iraqi side," noting that "China will not interfere in Iraq's internal affairs, and supports Iraq's decision to oppose 
    interference in its internal affairs.”

    He pointed out, "The importance of developing bilateral relations between Iraq and China," noting that "all Chinese companies operating in Iraq aim to conduct cooperation with the Iraqi side, and not just conduct sales and purchases."

     He explained, "The cooperation between the two countries is in the interest of both parties," noting that "China has great experience in the field of development and will help Iraq to strengthen and increase its capabilities."

     He pointed out that "cooperation with Iraq focuses on several axes, including improving the livelihood of the Iraqi people, helping Iraq restore its industrial capacity, as well as helping it achieve economic transformation."