PUK: Talabani and Barzani meeting may pave the way for ending the political impasse in Iraq

  • 22-05-2022, 22:16
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    The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan confirmed that the meeting that brought together its president, Bafel Talabani, with the deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nechirvan Barzani, today, Sunday, will be a prelude to meetings between the two presidencies and their political offices to contribute to ending disputes within the region and working to end the impasse in the political process in Iraq. 
    A member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Tariq Jawhar, told Al-Iraqiya News, and followed it by  the Iraqi News Agency (INA) , "Today's meeting was a positive step to solve outstanding issues between  Kurdistan and Democratic Parties, especially after the election of the presidency of the parliament in Iraq, as the Democrat did not consult with us regarding it, which caused a major rift and intersection. Inside the Kurdish House.
    He added, "The sitting of the two parties at a high level of leaders is an important development and may be the beginning of a serious dialogue to reform the situation in the Kurdistan region, and the matter requires a serious and frank dialogue to end the problems and unify the Kurdish position."