Plasschaert: Desertification in Iraq is a major concern and the political class is preoccupied with power struggle

  • 18-05-2022, 00:06
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    The head of the UN mission in Iraq, Jenin Plasschaert, confirmed that desertification in Iraq is a major concern, while noting that the political class is preoccupied with power battles.

    Plasschaert said in her briefing to the UN Security Council, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the current dust storms far exceed what Iraq has witnessed in recent years," noting that "the negative aspects of Iraqi political life are still repeating itself in an ongoing loop over what It looks like a zero-sum policy.

    She added, "Iraqis are still waiting for a political class that, instead of being content with outdated power battles, is seeking to roll up its sleeves to make progress by achieving the long list of outstanding domestic priorities in Iraq."

    She pointed out that "the divisions in Kurdistan region have deepened, which has negatively affected the population of the region," noting that "the neighboring countries are violating the sovereignty and security of Iraq."

    And she continued: "Missile diplomacy is reckless actions," stressing the critical importance of asserting the authority of the state.

      "the lack of clear coordination and implementation mechanisms, the dominance of partisan interests and the continued presence of corrupt  greatly impede achieving tangible progress in Sinjar," stressing that "we have deployed international observers in Sinjar district." Plasschaert said.