Nazim: Work is underway to restore the Food Security Law by constitutional and legal means

  • 17-05-2022, 21:10
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    Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim announced today, Tuesday, that work is underway to restore the food security law through constitutional and legal methods, while indicating that the government needs a budget to support the ration card and food basket and to confront the upsurge in prices.
    Nazim said in a press conference attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that “the government deals positively with the decisions of the Federal Court noting that it "worked on the food security law to meet the needs of the state and citizens."
    He added, "We are working on preparing the economic report for the current government," noting that "there is a growth in development."
    He stressed that "the government has coordinated with the House of Representatives to use its powers in approving the Food Security Law," noting that "work is underway to restore the Food Security Law through constitutional and legal methods."
    "Iraq faces great challenges in the electricity sector and its provision needs financial allocations," noting "an increase in Iraq's share of oil extraction, and its costs must be approved in a special budget." Nazim said.
    He explained that "presenting the draft food security law came as a solution to the problems in the absence of a budget," noting that "the schools will receive 1.4 million students in the first grade of primary school, and these need a budget in this regard."
    And he indicated that "the Council of Ministers decided to waive the debts owed by the High competencies persons to encourage their return," noting that "the Council of Ministers voted to allocate one billion dinars to complete the development of Arar border crossing."
    He stressed that "the cabinet also voted to allocate the necessary funds to fortify the highway in Anbar."