PM confirmed that some are striving to try to tie the hands of the current government

  • 17-05-2022, 19:26
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    Al-Kadhimi said, in his speech while presiding over a cabinet session on Tuesday, that after 7 months of the elections, a new government has not been formed, and some have been adopting the concept of obstruction and are striving to try to tie the hands of the current government instead of searching for solutions to the political closure, noting: We preferred to remain silent so as not to affect the context of the political understandings, and not to be a party to them."
    He also stressed that the government carried out its duties and responsibilities with all its capabilities and energies, and even endured defamation, lies and fabrication for the benefit of the people, according to a statement by his media office.
    He also called on the national political leaders to review their positions, saying: "I have previously explained that the crisis between the political forces is a crisis of confidence, and it has led us to a political blockage. But there is an opportunity to restore and strengthen confidence with the people, otherwise everyone will suffer from loss and there is no winner from losing." Confidence".
    It is noteworthy that Iraq has been in a state of political impasse for months, against the background of the inability to elect a new president for the country, and to form a government because of the conflicts between the winners of the parliamentary elections that took place on the tenth of last October.