Global Coalition: Iraq defeating Daesh is a priority

  • 11-05-2022, 22:58
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    Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS ministerial meeting discussed on Wednesday, strengthening counter-terrorism capabilities of the civilian leadership in Iraq.

    The Ministers of the Globa Coalition to Defeat ISIS stressed during their meeting in Marrakech, Moroccan, their joint determination to continue to fight against the terrorist groups, which continues to represent an "ongoing threat", included a joint statement of the ministerial meeting of the Coalition, received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    The ministers welcomed "the first meeting of the Global College to Defeat ISIS that is held in Africa, and reaffirmed their common determination to continue fighting against Daesh via military and civilian efforts that contribute to the permanent defeat of the terrorist group."
    The Ministers stressed together, according to the statement, on the protection of civilians as a priority and to abide by international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, as well as the relevant Security Council resolutions, in all circumstances.

    "Ensuring the permanent defeat of Daesh in Iraq and Syria remains the first priority to defeat Daesh", said the ministers according to the statement, highlighting that "despite the significant setbacks of Daesh leadership during the recent past, the groups continue to carry out attacks in Iraq and Syria, and represents a constant threat, as evidenced during the widespread attack on the prison industry in northeastern Syria in January 2022."

    They asserted "the importance of allocating sufficient resources to support the coalition's efforts and forces of partner legitimacy. The Coalition will continue in supporting the Iraqi security forces, including the peshmerga and local partners in Syria, civilians led that includes prevention, stability, and combating funding terrorism and to prosecute terrorists foreign fighters, rehabilitation and reintegration, as they are increasingly necessary to achieve the permanent defeat of Daesh."

    The meeting included as well the need to strengthen counter-terrorism capabilities of civilian leadership in Iraq and the need to ensure long-term sustainable solutions for fighters of Daesh and members of their families in the north-east of Syria, including the appropriate legal measures to ensure that the guilty must be held accountable by the crimes.