The Supreme Water Committee meets under the chairmanship of Al-Kadhimi

  • 11-05-2022, 17:23
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    The Supreme National Water Committee held on Wednesday, a meeting headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

    A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office and received by the Iraqi News Agency said, "the meeting discussed the latest developments to ensure Iraqi water quotas, and to achieve distribution of water resources inside Iraq with the approach of the summer season."

    The meeting also discussed the readiness of the ministries forming this committee and their various preparations, as well as the necessary and urgent needs of the governorates and citizens, as Al-Kadhimi directed the need to secure them as soon as possible, in cooperation and coordination with the relevant departments.

    "The climate change crisis has affected water resources in all countries of the world, and the concerned authorities in the state and government should activate and intensify efforts and capabilities to implement the water resources distribution plan," said PM Al-Kadhimi. 

    According to the statement, the meeting came out with a set of decisions and directives that contribute to supporting the Ministry of Water Resources to address water scarcity, monitor financial allocations for it, implement small dams and adhere to the established agricultural plan; in addition to decisions related to supporting farmers and affected province.