Iraq as the head of League of Arab States Permanent Media Committee

  • 9-03-2022, 16:48
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    Arab League Council approved on Wednesday, on the Iraqi journalist Nabel Jassim to head the Permanent Committee of Arab Media.
    Jassim won via majority voting among a number of candidates representing several Arab countries, during a meeting held last Monday in Cairo at the level of permanent delegates, to be the first Iraqi to chair this committee since founding the Arab League in 1945.
    The meeting of the Council of the League of Arab States, which was held at the level of Arab foreign ministers, voted in favor of the Iraqi journalist  Jassim, who is currently the head of the Iraqi Media Network for almost two years.
    The previous Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Arab Media, which extends for a period of two years, was subject to renewal, is from Saudi Arabis, Khalid Al-Ghamdi.
    51-year-old Dr. Jassim, born in Baghdad, is a professor at the College of Media, University of Baghdad as he held several posts in the Iraqi media.
    During his period as the head of the Iraqi Media Network, he carried out important reforms within a short period that raised the level of the network's media discourse.