Al-Halbousi: Next session is to vote on President post and Parliamentary committees

  • 28-02-2022, 19:27
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    Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi announced on Monday, the next session to be for electing the president of the republic and vote on parliamentary committees.
    “The background to the exchange rate change was due to the pandemic, the decline in oil prices, the scarcity of Iraqi imports, and what caused a financial crisis, when the Iraqi government was unable to pay its obligations towards employees and retiree,” said Al-Halbousi during the second session of the current 5th legislative session followed by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.
    He explained that "the solutions proposed at the time were identified by several options, including reducing salaries by 30 percent, demobilizing a number of employees and apply referring to compulsory retirement, but the Parliament chose to amend the exchange rate, which achieved state revenues of 22 trillion dinars and found a solution to the problem,"
    Al-Halbousi called for finding effective solutions to increase financial revenues that would enable the state to restore the value of the Iraqi dinar.
    The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament called on the Ministry of Finance to work on presenting a new vision to address the negative effects that resulted in changing the exchange rate, to be presented to the Parliament within two weeks.