A new parliamentary step to reduce exchange rate of dollar

  • 27-02-2022, 20:57
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    Independent MP Adnan Al-Jabri ruled out today, Sunday, the completion of the quorum for the parliament session tomorrow, Monday, and turning it into a deliberative session, while noting that reducing the dollar price is an issue during the current session. 
    He stressed, "All independent and non-independent deputies are determined to organize the process of exchanging the dollar against the dinar," noting that "the issue of reducing the dollar is on the table during the current session."
    Al-Jabri ruled out, "The completion of the quorum for tomorrow's session, an anxiety of entering into another constitutional violation, because the session's convening requires the election of the President of the Republic, and perhaps the session will turn into a deliberative."
    The House of Representatives announced, earlier, the agenda for tomorrow’s session, and included the taking constitutional oath of some deputies, as well as the formation of the permanent parliamentary committees of the House of Representatives, in addition to a general invitation to discuss the rise in dollar exchange rates in the presence of the Minister of Finance.