Al-Sadr: The responsible for targeting parties’ headquarters must be detected

  • 19-01-2022, 22:00
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    Leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called for taking the most severe measures to reveal the responsible behind targeting the parties' headquarters.
    Al-Sadr said in a tweet followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "Some of the political forces objecting to the elections previously and to the (national majority government) have now resorted to the Iraqi judiciary, we have not issued a comment regarding that, as it is a legal matter available to everyone. Rather, it was that a cause for satisfaction on our part, even if they do not reach their goal according to the legal data,” adding, “As for some of those affiliated with them to resort to violence and target the headquarters of the parties loyal to the majority government, this is not acceptable to reason, Sharia and law,”
    "The wise ones among them should hurry to stop the incitement of these demagogic groups and curb them. It is not logical for the politician to resort to violence if they do not get their goal. Politics is a day for you and a day against you," he added noting that "the claimant of the resistance does not have to target the Iraqis, this worsen the security situation and tarnish its reputation among the people,”
    Sayyed Al-Sadr stressed, "The government should also take the most strict security measures and expedite the detection of its perpetrators so that the democratic process does not turn into a puppet in the hands of the people, and we say that not out of weakness or fear. Everyone knows who we are, but we love peace, the homeland and the people, as we will not expose them to danger or disrespect,”
    He added, "You must know that we are not clinging to power, but we want reform and banishment of corruption, terrorism, occupation and normalization through political means, and that we are able, as you know, and if we lose the elections or give up or are excluded from forming a majority government, we will not take violence at all. This is what we have done, and we will not allow anyone who belongs to us to do that,"
    "Disciple your subjects as we have, for the doctrine preserves its reputation, not by violence and aggression against others. Fear God, do well and do not corrupt. God does not like corruption," he concluded.