Foreign Minister: Iraq has spread peace in the region and Baghdad returns to be a meeting point

  • 24-11-2021, 13:49
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    Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein affirmed on Wednesday, that Iraq has begun to affirm the value of diplomacy and spread peace at the regional and international levels, while noting that Baghdad has returned to be a meeting point.
    Hussein said, in his speech during celebrating "Iraqi Diplomatic Day", which was attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "this celebration is the first of its kind in 97 years," noting that "Iraq has begun to affirm the value of diplomacy and spread peace at the regional and international levels."
    He pointed out, "The importance of diplomacy in a world governed by limited resources, unequal powers and in which interests prevail, as the world needs the language of dialogue more than any other ever," noting that "diplomacy extinguishes what is ignited by wars, reduces conflicts and divisions, and contributes to the language of peace among peoples." .
    Hussein affirmed, "Despite the challenges that Iraq has faced in the form of terrorism as well as other difficulties, and the terrorist attempts to hinder the work of the ministry of the Foreign affairs, but it is continuing on its path to defend Iraq's interests”, noting that "At a time when the hands of the security forces were fighting to defend the country, the other hand in our Ministry was making clear to the world the danger of extremism and the need for international solidarity to defeat terrorism."
    He continued, "This prestigious institution since 2003 has played a role in getting out of the isolation and boycott phase into a new phase of openness and diplomacy based on the principle of good neighborliness and respect for the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs, based on the principles stipulated in the Iraqi Constitution in 2005." 
    He added, "Baghdad has returned as a beacon that seeks to unite the parties and to be a meeting point and not a point of separation, as all this was embodied by a number of meetings and conferences that Baghdad hosted, bringing views closer and moving forward on the right path, the last of which was the Baghdad Conference for Partnership and Cooperation, which established a framework to alleviate tensions in the region and create a positive dialogue".
    He also affirmed "The distinguished and effective role of women in Iraqi diplomacy through working at the ministry and their participation in achieving important achievements for the country," noting that "the empowerment of women is an integral part of the national agenda of the Iraqi government."
    Hussein concluded his speech by saying, "MOFA is continuing its commitment to preserve Iraq's supreme interests and to pursue what represents the best image and heritage of this country."