Starting the activities of the Third International Scientific Conference for Baghdad Media, with Arab and regional participation

  • 23-11-2021, 15:30
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    The College of Media, University of Baghdad, inaugurated the activities of the Third International Scientific Conference for Baghdad Media, with the participation of researchers from Arab and regional countries, which will run on November 23-24, 2021.
    The opening session of its fourteenth scientific conference locally and the third internationally, with the participation of researchers from Arab and regional countries, which runs from 23-24 November 2021.
    The Dean of the College of Media, Ammar Taher, said in a speech during the conference titled "Media and Local and International Crisis Management", and followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Today the world lives on the edge of crises of all kinds and their repercussions and effects after the world complicated the life of the individual and he became in a great whirlpool is attracting him from different directions, as he seeks redemption and escape, stressing “the necessity of harnessing the media and its tools in the service of society through positive messages and offering realistic solutions to its daily problems and chronic crises, and to be a party to the solution, not part of the problem.”
    Taher, who is the head of the conference, continued: "The third international scientific conference of the College of Media at the University of Baghdad came in cooperation with the (House of Wisdom) and the (I want) platform, as it deals with an important topic, which is the relationship between the media and crises. The challenges facing the media at the present time make it in a state of continuous interaction with all data on the ground, especially the political, social and economic fields in our country, Iraq, after it has become an important industry that countries cannot do without.
    He continued, "The Corona pandemic is still preventing us from others, but it has not deterred us from holding this conference, which will be in presence and electronically. Our meeting is important, whether it is difficult or fraught with danger. It is a clear message that scientific research can never stop."
    In turn, the President of the University of Baghdad, Munir Hamid Al-Saadi, said that "the University of Baghdad has been organizing scientific events for all its formations, including international conferences, periodically," noting that "Faculty of Media is keen to hold this scientific event to contribute to raising the rank of the college and the university in the indicators of international classifications, as well as on building its scientific reputation and its superiority among its counterparts in Iraq and the Arab world in a world witnessing many crises, in which the media plays a major role in covering, analyzing and treating it at one time and activating them at other times.
    He explained that "the University of Baghdad, with its scientific products and research, which exceed five thousand annual research published in works such as Scopas and Clarvet, and the quality of the product that is now finding a presence and contact with the labor market, especially research in the humanitarian field, which exceeds six thousand annual research."
    While the head of the scientific committee of the conference, Ali Al-Shammari, stressed that “the College of Media emphasizes, in its scientific activities, extensive research discussions, workshops and activities, to integration with society and state institutions with their various names and tasks to take a vital and effective role that contributes to finding solutions to crises and advancing the country,” noting that “the conference aims to: Searching for ways that the media, through its means, arts, levels, and different styles, deal with local and international crises.