MOH warns: Iraq will go through a fourth epidemic wave

  • 15-11-2021, 21:28
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    Ministry of Health warned that Iraq will enter a fourth epidemic wave of the Corona pandemic, as it called on citizens, teaching staff and students in universities, colleges, institutes and schools who are not vaccinated to expedite the receipt of anti-virus vaccines.

    “The countries around the world are facing serious repercussions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the global epidemiological situation indicates an increase of new cases, especially in European countries, which shows that Iraq and the countries of the region will not be immune to the rise in injuries and entering a fourth wave, especially with the start of the new school year and the entry of the winter season, as well as the risk of the virus of the spread of the disease and its complications with the presence of colds and flue, in addition to the low rates of receiving vaccinations against the Covid-19 virus,” according to a statement by the Ministry received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    The statement included, "The ministry, with government support, has been providing vaccines in large quantities and from well known global origins, and has mobilized all its human resources to form vaccination teams with highly experienced staff, and in coordination with the supporting authorities in order to vaccinate citizens, educational bodies and students to facilitate the process of receiving vaccination,”

    “The advisory committees and experts in our ministry, when reviewing the vaccination situation throughout Iraq, noted that there is a decrease in the number of vaccinators despite the availability of vaccines and the expansion in the number of vaccination teams, as well as the weakness recorded by our mobile health teams in all governorates of Iraq in implementing the procedures recommended by our ministry as it was approved by the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety, which is not to allow non-vaccinators to work in all departments, educational institutions, universities, colleges, institutes and schools, or when reviewing governmental and non-governmental departments, as well as obligating them to wear masks and physical distancing,” included the statement.