EU Mission: Electoral Process assessment report to be presented to new parliament

  • 12-10-2021, 11:56
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    The European Union election monitoring mission congratulated on Tuesday, Iraq on the completion of the elections, while noting that the report on the evaluation of the electoral process would be submitted to the new parliament.

    "The preliminary results indicate that the elections were well managed and were urging voters to vote," said Viola von Kramon, head of the mission's observers, at a press conference in Baghdad attended by an Iraqi news agency reporter.
    "The principles of freedom of expression were respected during the elections," she said, adding that "some politicians used political money in their campaigns."
    "The electoral cards were not fully handed over to the voters," she said, adding that "the law guarantees nine seats for minorities, and displaced persons could have voted where they were."
    "Iraq has had a peaceful day in the elections and we congratulate it on that," she said.


    "The European Parliament is committed to spreading democracy in the world, and we emphasize the important measures that have been clarified while we are in Iraq," said Dominique Cruz, head of the European Parliament mission.



    "The new government is working on a better future for Iraq," Cruz said.