Sayyed al-Sadr: No room for corruption anymore

  • 11-10-2021, 21:34
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    Leader of al-Sadr movement, Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr, affirmed on Monday, that the victory of reform is a victory for Iraq, and there will be no room for corruption after today.

    "Praise be to God, who cherished reform with its largest bloc, an Iraqi bloc, neither eastern nor western, whose light shines from the land of Iraq, its people and its bounties,” expressed Sayyed al-Sadr in a speech that was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Al-Sadr stressed, saying “This is your day, O people of Iraq, in which reform has won. Today is the day of Iraq, determination and steadfastness, and the day of the people and the state,”

    "Iraq is the Iraq of the Marja’, the wisemen and the dignitaries, as we will be enlightened by their words and orders, and we will work to unify the ranks of the clans and give them an active role in protecting Iraq and the stability of its security,” he added.

    He asserted, “There is no place for corruption and the corrupt in Iraq after today, and we will eliminate corruption with our blood if necessary, so as to come to a reform sheet, in which there is no sharing of power over the interests of the people,”

    "All embassies are welcomed unless they interfere in Iraqi affairs and the formation of the government, and any intervention will have a diplomatic, and perhaps popular response, because Iraq is for the Iraqis only and we will not allow interference at all,” al-Sadr included.

    He noted that, “the weaponry arms must be confined to the hands of the state and the use of arms outside this scope is prohibited. It is time for the people to live in peace, not rather occupation or terrorism,” 

    "From now on, the government or the parties will not have control over the money and bounties, but rather it is for the people, and the people's oil is for the people, and we will work to raise the level of the Iraqi dinar to be in the ranks of global currencies gradually,” he added.

    "Reconstruction, industry, agriculture, education and health have a large share of the efforts of benefactors, with no difference between one governorate and another except in terms of need and the number of its residents,” said al-Sadr.

    He concluded by saying, “Let the people's celebration of the largest bloc be without armed manifestations and without disturbing others,”