PM: We have completed our duty and promised to conduct fair and secure elections

  • 10-10-2021, 18:35
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    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed today, Sunday,  that the government has completed its duty and promised to hold fair and secure elections, stressing that it has provided the capabilities to make it success.
    Al-Kadhimi said, in a tweet to him on the “Twitter”, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "We have completed, our duty and our promise to hold fair and safe elections, and we have provided the capabilities to make it a success."
    He added: “thanks our honorable people,  thanks all the voters, candidates, political forces, observers, workers in the Electoral Commission, the heroic security forces that provided security, the United Nations and the religious authority."
    This evening, Sunday, general polling stations were closed in all Iraqi provinces, as part of the first early parliamentary elections after 2003.