IMN launches the biggest printing compound in Mideast

Abu al-Hail: We are heading to make a new era in terms of printing in Iraq

INA – Baghdad

Iraqi Media Network IMN launched on Wednesday, the biggest and the most modernized printing compound in the Middle East.

“IMN is headed to make new history for printing in Iraq,” Mujahid Abu al-Hail, IMN’s president said during the opening ceremony.

He explained that the new technological machines and devices used in this compound make it highly productive and it will pave for a new era of printing in Iraq.

“Iraq will now receive the orders of books and printable materials of the local associations and the private sectors as well,” he added, “We are ready to cooperate with other private sectors in terms of the printing devices,”

IMN’s president forwarded thankful words to the main working company, KPA and all the workers involved in this project as “it took four years of great efforts” to be achieved.

On his part, Ibrahim Rafael, KPA’s representative explained that the successful mutual cooperation with IMN has facilitated many obstacles to open such huge project in such time.

“The printing devices we are launching today are some of the best technological devices ever exist. I can print all different types and sizes,” he added.

He asserted that there will be full support provided to the IMN’s employees by providing upgrades, spares and training courses.

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