Iraq and Syria are the top approved reunification applications

INA- Germany

Iraqi and Syrian refugees have been chosen as the top approved family reunification applications in Germany to get the visas.

Syrians are the first as it reached %33.75 whereas Iraqis are %7.55.

“The total numbers of visas have reached 322 thousand since 2015,” a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday.

The source added, “Around 72.681 visas have been issued in 2015, 103.833 visas in 2016, 117.992 visas in 2017 and 27.551 visas in 2018”

German Government decided new regulations in terms of family reunification applications to be one thousand applications only per month. This means only 12 thousand people per year. Highly critical cases are to be considered exclusively.

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