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Al-Alaq: Kuwait Con represents solidarity towards Iraq

INA – Kuwait

General Secretary of Cabinet, Mahdi al-Alaq praised the Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq held currently in Kuwait saying that “it represents solidarity towards Iraq in the phase after Daesh”

This came during his speech in the opening ceremony of the Conference as INA reported.

“Despite the great resources of Iraq, it is very important to get a support from International countries to reconstruct the country,” said al-Alaq

He pointed at the three essential bases of this Conference which are Reconstruction, Supporting stability operations and peaceful coexistence as well as enhancing investment sector and providing investment opportunities.

Iraq presented an integrated strategic document that included all the damage caused by the war against terrorism and the real needs to reconstruct the country.

Al-Alaq forwarded thankful words to Kuwait, the World Bank and the UN to make the Conference objectives come true.