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Traded shares rise as Stock Market records

INA – Baghdad

The Iraqi Stock Exchange has recorded a remarkable rise over the last week and is making a progress in the ISX 60 index.

The companies listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange are 101, of which 73 are listed in the regular market and 28 are on the secondary market.

Last week, 48 companies traded shares in the systemic market and 5 companies in the secondary market.

Hence, 22 companies are suspended from trading due to the absence of annual and quarterly disclosure to both, the committee and the market.

The number of shares traded for last week reached 11,335 increased by 96.3% compared to 5,773 billion shares for the previous week.

The value of shares traded last week were 7,610 billion dinars 66.3% higher than the previous week that was 4,575 billion dinars.

The transactions executed last week reached 4055 transactions were the ISX 60 index closed last week at 628.13 points, 4.1% higher compared to 2474 for the previous week were ISX 60 were close at 603.48 points.

The shares of non-Iraqi investors reached 3.041 billion shares, higher by 28% compared to the previous week, valued by 3.884 billion due to the execution of 906 transactions on shares for 15 companies.

As for the number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors last week, it reached 3.107 billion shares higher by 114% compared to the previous week.

The values reach 1 billion dinars due to the 403 transactions made for 8 companies’ shares that recorded a rise of 38%.