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Al-Rafidain: Customs fees at borders in USD and IQD

INA – Baghdad

The Rafidain Bank said on Wednesday that the payment of customs duties to citizens at the border crossing points will be in dollars and dinar, indicating that the form is organizational to control and ease the checking process, which has been implemented since the beginning of work in the border posts.

“In case of receipt of customs duties from citizens, investors are to pay in Iraqi dinars; the cost will be 5000 IQD per hundred thousand dinars (5%) to cover the costs of counting, sorting, transferring and ensuring the money in Iraqi dinars. Hence, the value to be higher” said the bank’s PMO in a statement-copy issued to INA News.

The statement added, “In case of receipt of customs and tax fees from the citizen in dollars, it is to be deposited in the branch by foreign currency notes according to the Central Bank purchase price which is 1182. The registered categories must be recorded on the back of the registration document with lists of Treasury sent notifications and is recorded in the account of border fees by an official price of the dollar which is 1182 IQD and the assessment and registration to be at the same price”