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MOC: Iraq needs to launch the 4th license of Cell Phones

INA – Baghdad

“Iraq needs to launch the fourth license of cell phones,” said the minister of communication, Hassan Kadhim Rashid in a statement-copy by the ministry delivered to INA.

The minister of communication met Kuwaiti companies’ representatives and the former Kuwaiti minister of transportation, Hamid Jbel Al Qitan on Tuesday.

During the meeting the Iraqi minister of MOC asserted on the need of the country to launch the fourth license of cell phones currently for the Iraqi communication market is in a need for improved communication services.

Al Rashid added, “I call for launching such national license so the citizens can have benefits from regarding the services accuracy and creating stocks in the exchange market,”

“The optic networks made by the MOC would help to develop the communication sector and improve the technology uses in the internet and communications sectors.”

The Kuwaiti transport ministry’s secretary said, “The Kuwaiti companies are able to offer assistance to the Iraqi communication sector in the matter of using modern technology in it and these companies are to invest in the Iraqi promising communication market.”